Parents Testimony


22nd February, 2019

It's a great pleasure, niyamaah from Allah SWT... It's like dream come true.. When we first saw our child reciting duwa after eating food,in first annual Day celebration. , we had just prayed n wished to Allah SWT that Yousuf should become Hafiz...

Alhumdulillah Alhumdulillah... He worked very hard and Co operated,, Allah azzawajall helped us with humble n talented teachers.... MashaAllah.. JazakAllahu khair Sir.. Aap sub ki duwayee hai Alhumdulillah..

Umm Yousuf


9th January, 2019

Sir Musa was telling me yesterday that u asked the children if they think about what more good deeds they will earn when they grow older... Not to think about money only as it's not the most important thing.. As he spoke my heart was full of gratitude and dua for u for touching my children's life in the most beautiful way... May Allah reward u immensely for ur words that reinforce and remind the children about ter Deen, emaan and taqwa... I'm v grateful to Allah Az WA jal for his immense favour of Makin it possible for my children to b a part of ur school. May Allah reward u all immensely n make u all successful in this duniya n the akhira. May Allah make ur spouse n ur children the coolness of ur eyes Ameen

Umm Musa


14th August, 2018

Assalamualaikum sir 

My son Mohammed kaif who was studying in your school , in grade 6  n was  promoted to grade 7 but unfortunately had to leave your school due to long travelling distance n health issues has got his admission in Quwatul Islam . He took permission from his teachers to offer his Duhr salah in the lunch break as he would do in your school , slowly a lot of children have started joining him . He is the one to lead the Jumma prayers in his school . As there was no jumma khudba done in this school he took permission from the school teachers n gave jumma khudba . The school teachers are now encouraging the other students to come forward for jumma khudba . For this one year there are girls in his class but from next year boys will be studying in different branch .When the teacher asked him to borrow notes from a girl in his class as he had joined his classes late he did not do so as he wanted to maintain his hijab . I   thank you for every bit that you n your staff has  contributed to my child. May Allah subhanawataala bless you and each n every staff of Al Basheer in this dunya and the aakhira in the best of manner . Please keep my child Mohammed kaif in your prayers ( dua ) . 🙂

Umm Kaif


13th January, 2019

Assalamualaikum Sir

As my son Mahir shaikh who is studying in grade 3B who is a regular academic student and along with this he is doing hifz. And he participated in hifz competition which was held on 13-01-2019 ( Sunday) in jamia touheed in Rahimabadh. He competiteted with regular hifz students n won second place.As it is proud moment for us as a parent as well as for institute as he is part of ABIS and he got his foundation here. I just wanted to share my happiness with you people and the teachers whose efforts and dua  worked. As a principal you have always motivated him and build up his confidence.

Jazakallahu khairan

Umm Mahir


1st February, 2019


We would like to say jazakallah, for organizing parents sports day, it was a new event we saw and experienced it. 

And we enjoyed a lot, it was fun. We parents participated in the games, it was fun n exciting. We felt fresh n active. 

 I request you to organize this event every year so that parents may get energetic n active from the daily routine of life. 

  We mingled with other parents also and got to know them. 

   On top of it very good n lavish lunch we enjoyed and felt special, Alhamdulilah. 

      Thanking you 

                   Parents of students of Al Basheer International school.

Abu Sihaan