It was narrated that Anas bin Mâlik said: The Messenger of Allah said “Seeking knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim”. ” (SunanIbn e Majah, Book of Sunnah)

ABIS is a strong believer and promoter of all round development of its students that is knowledge of world as well as DEEN and follows CBSE curriculum up to grade 8 which is not only relevant to 21st century but also extremely practical and precise in its approach. ABIS believes learning is an ongoing process. Thus a vibrant curriculum may take the individual into the realms of co-existence with the immediate and future environment. It makes the individual. think!

Pre Nursery,Nursery (K 1 and K2)

At Kindergarten level we expose children to subjects which catches attention and enhances grasping power through encouraging curiosity and logical approach, introduction of basic math with gradual progression, development of comprehension skills, real world learning experience through field trips. 

We ensure all round development of your child’s brain: 

Subjects taught at this level:

1. English

2. Mathematics

3. General Awareness

4. Colouring

Primary( I to V)

At Primary School, we focus on encouraging curiosity &comprehension to strengthen understanding of concepts and application of the skills. We introduced methods made around our academic syllabus to imbibe &nurture these skills in our students. This is period which requires understanding of the innate talent of our students and giving it a proper direction and channel to move them towards a proper direction. 

Subjects offered at this level:


1. English (first language)

2. Hindi (second language)

3. Kannada(third language)

4. Arabic (Special language)

Other Subjects:

1. Mathematics

2. Science

3. EVS

4. Computer

5. Islamic Studies

High School (V to X)

ABIS focus for Students from grade V to X revolves around
 strengthening Foundation & Preparing for Life to reinforce fundamentals and honing skills necessary for higher education. The High School programme offers a wide range of subjects and encourages high academic standards through a practical approach to teaching and learning. 

Subjects Offered for V to VIII


1. English ( first language)

2. Hindi (second language) 

3. Kannada (third language)

4. Arabic (Special language)

5. Arabic Grammar

Other Subjects:

1. Mathematics

2. Science

3. Social Studies

4. Computer 

5. Islamic Studies

CBSE & NIOS Board:

For grades IX and X we have option of CBSE & NIOS board. 

Subject offered CBSE Board : 

1. English

2. Hindi

3. Science

4. Mathematics

5. Social Studies

6. Computers

Subject offered NIOS Board : 

1. English

2. Hindi 

3. Home Science

4. Business Studies

5. Data Entry

What made Al Basheer different from other Conventional Schools?


It is mandatory for students from grade I to X to attend Hifz classes daily.Students can opt for full time hifz, where they will be attending hifzclasses entire day. And also attend classes for subjects like Math, English and Arabic which allow them to be in touch with main stream academics.

Arabic (Special language)

Arabic is compulsory language for Al Basheerians, they are learning language of Qura’an and it can also be considered as one of the foreign language, where many international schools offer French or German, ABIS is offering Arabic. 

Physical Education& Life Skills

The Sports and Physical Education programme of the school ensures that all sports as well as track and field events are taught and learnt in relation to physiology, anatomy and nutrition in an enjoyable and interesting way. Students are trained in the latest rules and technicalities of every game and have the opportunities to referee and manage games and sporting events in-house.

Physical education at ABIS

1.Foot Ball

2.Throw Ball

3. Karate

4. Fencing

5.Horse Riding

6. Swimming

Scout is also part of physical education at ABIS. ABIS encourages students for Public speaking sessions ‘Anjuman’ as life skill programme every week, which help the students to improve their communication skills and overcome stage fear under the guidance of teachers.