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  • Ustadh Edris Khamissa's Workshop on Creative Teaching Truly Creative!

    The Principals, Admins, Teachers of Indian Islamic schools in Karnataka had an excellent time to be blessed with, to share close moments with Ustaadh Edris Khamissa, an internationally celebrated Islamic Educational Trainer from South Africa, as FIEI (Federation Of Indian Educational Institutions) took the opportunity to welcome him as a Speaker at the event held on 16th and 17th of August, at ZAITOON Hotel, Banquet Hall, Bangalore.

    It was a 2 days event organized by FIEI that comprised of 3 sessions.

    CREATIVE TEACHING – New Steps”, “Help one-another to Achieve the Goals” on Day 1 and “Re-Visit the Vision Statement” on Day 2.

    Al-Basheer International School, Al-Arafah International School, Al-Burooj International School, Brainy Stars, Zenith Academy, Iqra International School, Rah International School, Al-Hidayah Academy, Cocoon International School and Greenland School were the FIEI Associate schools that attended the event besides other schools and individuals.

    Mr. Syed Zakir Ahmed, Chairman FIEI, commended the efforts of Ustaadh Edris Khamissa by saying that he came all the way from South Africa all in sheer concern towards the plight of Islamic schools today remarking that Muslim ummah is today bleeding due to such schools being ineffective. Ustaadh Edris Khamissa said that today we only know that Islamic schools are Islamic only to the extent of Islamic syllabus & books; but the students haven’t inculcated Islamic lifestyle and practices into them, due to lack of Creative teaching amongst the teachers and parents.

    The Ustaadh highlighted instances of how Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) showed creative mindedness towards his companions; one of which was questioning them, before informing them about a matter.

    On day 2, Ustaadh Edris Khamissa reiterated on the necessity of teachers adopting creative teaching approaches, while observing the way of Sunnah to bring about true change among the students.

    In the first session the Ustaadh established a candid interaction with the teachers during his speech, which proved of great benefit as a valuable learning-cum-a hearty humorous entertainment to all those present.

    In the later sessions, he delved on topics of Ideal parenting, maintaining good family relations and successful marital life. The audience benefitted from his knowledge which Allah has blessed him with, through his experience over his life, to which psychologists wonder as to how is he able to comment on such matters without having studied psychology. That's indeed a gift from Allah.

    The teachers and managements of schools in Karnataka's Islamic Schools are now all geared up to creatively impact the education system in their schools Inshaa'Allah. And awaiting to receive Ustaadh Edris Khamissa soon on another tour to India Inshaa'Allah.