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  • A Noble Gesture on Independence Day

    Following up with the Independence Day celebration, AL BASHEER International School - Madrasa, as a move of goodwill gesture gifted a Photocopier (Xerox Machine) of Canon brand to Bannerughatta Police Station, Bengaluru, on 24th of August, 2016, that would help to fulfill their photocopying needs.

    The Founder of AL-BASHEER International School Mr. W.S. Basheer, the CEO Mr. Umar Shariff, the Systems Quality Manager Br. Sajjad Shafi and the General Manager Mr. Adam Abdullah visited and met the Sub-Inspector Mr. Murali of Bannerughatta Police Station on this occasion. The Police officer Mr. Murali and his policemen expressed their gratitude and held the school management at high esteem for involving in such philanthropic social welfare activities.

    Mr. Umar Shariff told the media that AL-BASHEER believes and looks forward to celebrate occasions such as Independence Day and Republic Day in future by working to create co-operative feelings amongst members of all communities through way of such productive actions that are meaningful and beneficial to their professional tasks, instead of indulging in activities such as holding street rallies, shouting slogans, dances etc.

    We find many from our Muslim community in distraught today, with regards to Islamically celebrating the Independence Day and the Republic Day. AL-BASHEER intends to set a good example for our brothers to acknowledge and realize ourselves as foremost and immense contributors in the struggle for Indian Independence, by an approach that augurs well both in adherence to Sunnah, while refraining from overcrossing its limits as a Muslim, along with remembrance of Indian Freedom struggle as an Indian citizen. He said, "we are Muslims. And we are Indian Muslims. So we shall celebrate the Independence Day without music and dancing, while helping our fellow Indians through social welfare projects and programs Inshaa'Allah".

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