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On a Saturday morning, on 11-Feb-2017, we the students and teachers of Al Basheer Intl. School reached the Karnataka Milk Federation plant (popularly known as Bangalore Dairy) at 10:20 am for a tour of the facility. Our tour was preceded by a visit to our school by representatives from the dairy. The representatives gave us a presentation on the Nandhini brand and the benefits of drinking milk.

On our arrival at the facility, we were accompanied by a tour guide from the dairy who gave us some information about the factory. We were told that the dairy is the second largest milk producing factory in India. He then took all of us around the factory. For hygienic reasons, we were not allowed close to the machinery, but were allowed to witness the process through a glass barrier. To my astonishment, milk was being transported through channels and pipes throughout the factory.

Everyone was quite amazed at the sight of production and assembly lines. We then met another gentleman who explained to us the process of pasteurization as well as homogenization. After that we were taken to a place where milk was stored at a temperature of 5 degree Celsius. Everyone enjoyed a lot there.

From there we went to the butter production unit. The gentleman told us that butter is stored at 18 degree Celsius. We were then treated to cool flavoured milk to refresh ourselves. At the end, a vote of thanks was delivered by our C.E.O Umar Sir. The factory officials thanked us for the visit and we headed back home. It was a pleasant experience and a memorable one too.